jaruwan ponmak oi


Jaruwan Ponmak was awarded a degree in  Classical Thai Painting from Pho Chang School of Fine Arts in 1988.  Soon after, she was a designer and production liaison for Jim Thompson; the premier Thai silk house.  Following this she led the design studio for Satin Textiles Co. Ltd.- a company  located in Bangkok doing domestic textiles- a design and manufacturer of an international line .  Her own line of carpets is available through; ‘Della Robbia’ an international company located in California.

Since her arrival in the US, Oi was commissioned to paint a series of the world’s largest batik banners for Architect- Helmut Jahn’s Liberty Place Towers in Philadelphia. She has works in numerous public and private collections and has executed 27 major murals in the metropolitan New York area.

One of Oi’s preferred methods of painting is that of Batik.  This form of fabric painting is an ancient and technically challenging technique.  First the fabric must be boiled to remove the sizing, then ironed and stretched on a frame.  The lines are then applied with a molten beeswax.  The wax penetrates into the fabric and acts a dam to prevent dye from one area from bleeding into another. The fabric is then painted with sodium silicate to make the colors fast.  Within 3 hours of the time that the sodium silicate dries, the fabric must be boiled to remove the wax, excess dye and the sodium silicate.  This process may be repeated a number of times for varying effects.

Oi is active in giving batik and Thai cooking lessons at her Port Jervis location.

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